12 Tips to reverse diabetes naturally

July 13, 2014

How to take care of diabetes naturally must reduce sugar, fructose, corn syrup, white bread, sugar maple and sockets. Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks also increases the risk of high diabetes. It can also be cured of diabetes without taking any kind of medication. There are a variety of natural ways to prevent diabetes without taking any medical aid. They are:

1. Rose juices from various fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins or watermelons, apples, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, cabbage, cucumber, French beans, helps a lot in reducing the level of sugar in the blood as these fruits and vegetables have the characteristics of anti-diabetic.

2. Consumption cinnamon soaked (D. Cheney in Hindi) sticks bark reduce the level of sugar, and thus prevent diabetes.

3. Daily amount of raw garlic also helps in controlling the blood sugar to a certain extent.

4., You can also eat dark chocolate, which has a high percentage of cocoa as they have more anti-oxidants. Try to avoid milk chocolate.

5. Has proven regular workouts and doing yoga and meditation is also useful for patients with diabetes and for exercises to improve blood circulation and reduce the level of sugar in the blood, while the yoga and meditation battle with stress.

6. Should be included dietary supplements such as various nuts in your diet because they are filled with magnesium, but do not eat in excess. A handful of nuts is enough after a snack in the afternoon.

7. Through the adoption of healthy eating habits along with regular workouts you can reverse diabetes. Chewing food properly for a period of at least 15 times to control diabetes. You should take a balanced diet suitable. Do not neglect or skip any of your meal. Eating 5 or 6 small meals per day, and also include some portion of the protein in your meals to keep your energy levels and muscle. Also take a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement

8. Performing strength training exercises with free weights, weight machines, or a combination of these. The exercise of the heart and blood vessels, such as regular walking, cycling, treadmill, elliptical machine, stair climber and help you lose weight and burn fat.

9. Swimming an ideal place for people who suffer from diabetes to get active.

10. Green food such as blue green algae, barley, alfalfa, etc. also help reverse diabetes. You can also consume marine phytoplankton superfood.

11. Banaba extract is known as "insulin factory" or "plant insulin" which taken as a tea or in the form of extraction is known cure for diabetes.

12 Get a good night's sleep at least 7-8 hours because it will help to stay slim and will also reduce your stress level.